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Testimonies of those using MMS from 1-5 weeks only

Testimonies of those using MMS from 1-5 weeks only ORDER HERE

GP Tells Family Their Daughter only Had 2-3 Weeks to Live

Delwyn was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her liver was in bad shape also.

Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.

On October 3rd 2007 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her Doctor met with the family and said they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not. She had 2 – 3 week to live. In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot

She started on the MMS and 10 days later the cancer markers continued to increase but her strength and energy started to return. She was walking and even drove a short distance around the paddock at her parents Park.

It is now November 1st 2007 and her cancer markers are on the way down, falling even 40 points in the past week and still falling (Measuring her CA.15-3 scores). She is driving better than she was 6 months ago, She has no pain, is able to dress herself, her kidneys and liver are in better condition. Is now sleeping and walking better than 4 months ago.

Her Doctor saw her last week and simply could not believe how well she looked. She has no pain and has reduced all of her medications.

Delwyn and her family acknowledge God’s leading and provision of her treatment and the timing of it all at deaths door. Yes it is early days but she is 6 months ahead of where she was just 4-5 weeks ago. Delwyn has a good diet of vegetable juices, berries and raw foods which help enormously in keeping her body alkaline as well as nourishing her cells to re-build stronger and healthier**. There is no doubt that the MMS in this case has been foundational in cleansing the body of pathogens, mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria that have been so prolific and allowing the cancer to grow and spread.

** She practices the 8 natural health laws: Nutrient, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God

Helen (Delwyn's Mum) Warrigal Victoria

Delwn’s Protocol:

Day 1 2 drops every 1 hours 6 or 7 times a day

Day 2 3 drops every hour “

Day 3 4 drops every hour “

Day 4 5 drops every hour “

Day 5 6 drops every hour “

Day 6 7 drops every hour “

Still 5 weeks later 7 drops every 1hour 6-7 times a day.

Initially she could not keep anything down, just kept throwing up, juice the drops everything for about 3 days.

When she got nausea she would eat a dry biscuit or banana

She has been having fever baths every 2 days raising her temp to 38 deg (bath 41 deg) with half a cup of Bicarb of soda

That is basically it. She is now off all medications and doing very well

The diarrhea and vomiting are good signs that the body is simply eliminating what it does not need.

A Bad Case of Hepatitis C

Thankyou for the testimonials you keep passing our way. I wanted to tell you a couple of things. First of all, I got my little brother on the MMS. He had one month before he saw the doctor regarding his Hepatitis C, but he didn't take the MMS seriously and didn't really get serious about taking it until I got onto him pretty bad. So, just ONE week before seeing the doctor, he got quickly up to 15 drops twice a day. When he saw the doctor, his doctor told him he was "kicking butt". His bilirubin was completely normal!!! My brother called and was crying. It was emotional for all of us. He called three of his sisters and mother and cried with all of us. He is really sticking with it now, because at the end of November he is supposed to meet with one other doctor...the one who was to put him on Chemotherapy to kill the hepatitis C virus. I'm in all hopes that he will not have to take it. I'm very confident he won't. It if were me, I wouldn't do it anyway, but most people have the modern medicine trance. God broke me away from it long ago. I'll let you know just as soon as he has his next appointment with the other doctor. Again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for turning us on to MMS.

When I first got the MMS, I went right up to 15....I wanted to cut a urinary tract infection I had gotten when going away for the weekend, I didn't eat or drink right (little water), and some sweets. When I got back, I went right up to 15, and then the next morning, my urinary tract infection was gone. It was great. But I couldn't have done it if I hadn't been on a juicing program prior to this time. Even now, though, the taste is really getting to me. Whew! It was okay at first, but now it's getting almost unbearable. Not sure what's going on there, but I'm sticking with it for now.

God bless you Both,

Linda Clark QLD

Warts And All!!

Thank you for forwarding this to me. You asked if I had any of my own testimonials. The successes we've seen so far have been with much with smaller things, but I'll share them with you. My youngest daughter had a large plantar wart on the sole of her foot, and after treating it with MMS for one week, it turned black and fell off. We're both delighted! Also, when the MMS arrived, my eldest daughter had been home on and off, a fair bit, with nausea and headaches, over the two previous months. After four days on MMS it cleared up and hasn't been back. And as for me, I've had a very painful sore in my right ear for over a year now. After one single topical application of the MMS, it was gone the next morning. Quite unbelievable! So that's really exciting.


Laila QL

Hepatitis & Energy Increase
The lady I put onto the MMS because of her Hepatitis C has dropped down the dose to 5 drops per day for now because she was becoming incredibly sick and nauseated all the time with 13 drops or so. (editor's note: This is a good sign as it shows that the body is trying to get rid of the dead toxins etc in her body. I would only drop back a couple of drops and keep going to maximum dose).

She has developed a strong revulsion for the taste and smell for this reason I think. She is sticking with it though and I am encouraging her. She says she is feeling very well. That is all I can say for now regarding her.

For myself, I went up to 15 drops, twice per day for a week after some nausea and the other end as well on the way up the dosage scale.

I am back down to a maintenance dose of 6 drops per day. What I am noticing is that I think my energy levels have dramatically gone up. It is maybe a bit too early to say but I have just put in the most grueling weekend in terms of exam correction I have ever done, 30 hours over the weekend including Friday night, and I was perfectly okay on Monday morning. This is unheard of for me. I would usually be absolutely dead in the water.

God bless and look forward to hearing from you

Peter Woolfe Victoria

Urinary Tract Infection

Greetings again,
I don't have a lot of personal testimony apart from the gut infection that cleared up virtually overnite but recently my wife Sharon contracted a roaring UTI (urinary tract infection). She hadn't been drinking near enough water for about 2 days. For the medical people among her dipstick test was strongly positive for both leukocytes and nitrites and she was quite symptomatic with urinary frequency, pain and general malaise.

One days worth of MMS (2 x 15 drop doses 1 hour apart) and the next day all was back to normal. I think I made her take another 2 x dose just for good measure but the point of course is no need for antibiotics and no side effects and a complete cure in less than half the time antibiotics would have taken.
All praise to God for MMS.

Terry. Victoria

Phlegm Free Overnight

Dear Family and Friends,

Here's another very interesting email how Even Hep C is succumbing to the powerful neutralizing effect of these MMS drops, which simply assist the Immune System to do its job as our Creator intended.

Personally, I have built up to and have been using 15 drops for two days, and last night I used a second dose for the day, 18 drops, with 90 drops, (5mls) Citric Acid, and after three minutes added 1/2 glass of water, as I have had a persistent Chest Infection for nearly three months which just would not go away. Every morning, and frequently during the day, I would bring up copious amounts of yucky, yellow phlegm from my lungs, but today, I am Phlegm Free! Praise the Lord for letting me know about this marvelous aid to the Immune System. I am definitely a believer!

I had a call from a friend, Fred, on the Gold Coast this morning, who, after I shared the MMS story with him, ordered some drops and citric acid solution. He is a Natural Therapist like Ruth and myself, and so he put one of his people on the drops. This chap Nigel, had chronic neck and shoulder problems, which Fred had been working on with Massage for some time. Fred told me that within 24 hours the drops had targeted Nigel's problem areas, and were definitely helping to alleviate the problem.

If you are having any interesting experiences with the MMS drops, please share them with

info(AT), to encourage others.

Best wishes, sincerely,

Don Menkens. Queensland 13/11/07

P.P.S Wayne, these drops could be a real blessing to the work in Kenya, and Africa in general, to help the people there, through WHHF.

Infection Cleared

I have a small testimony to share. I had my nosed pierced a few weeks ago. The past couple of weeks, it has been really sore, weepy, and red with infection. Yesterday I was going to take it out and let the hole close up, when I decided to apply some MMS and citric acid solution to the skin, inside and out. I can not believe it. This morning the swelling has gone and it is not oozy at all. Amazing!!

I am continuing to take 15-18 drops three times a day. Will let you know when I have some big results re the Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia back/neck pain etc.

Thanks guys for putting me onto this product. It was so great to catch up with you the other day, and I look forward to seeing you soon (with the rate I am using the MMS, I will need to come pick up some more citric acid soon :)

Hugs and Kisses,

Kaz Victoria 14/11/07
More Warts & All

Hi Gang,

I’ve had some really strange skin problems for weeks now. There has been a cluster of what looked like warts on my foot along with flaking skin and red spots. The warts were rubbery and quite hard. I haven’t had warts since I was a kid. As this is the least of my problems I had not bothered to do anything about them. However, a few days after taking MMS orally, they have dried up and fallen off! This is an added benefit I had not expected. I am also noticing that Vic is a lovely pink color instead of his usual yellow skin. The pink happens after each dose and he actually feels warm in the face instead of freezing cold. We believe that his circulation is improving as bugs are killed.

Rosemary. Victoria 16/11/07

Chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema in both lungs

Hope this finds you doing well and enjoying life. I would like to share my testimonial with you if that is OK!

A little background. I have COPD, chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema in both lungs. I have been on oxygen for months and should have been on it much longer but doctors couldn't seem to agree as to what was wrong. I was so weak before that to brush my teeth I needed to sit on a bar stool and lean onto the bathroom counter on my elbows because I didn't have the strength to hold my body upright to simply brush my teeth.

I downloaded your books on 24/8(2007) and ordered the MMS the same day. I received the product on 28/8 and began taking it that day. That was on a Tuesday.

By Sunday 1st Sept I felt so good that I went shopping for several hours without an oxygen tank. By the following week I was totally off the oxygen, even at night and have been free of the oxygen tubes and tanks ever since.

The MMS has given me back my life. I can vacuum my floors, work in my yard and cook my meals, now. :-) and I can brush my teeth standing at the bathroom sink, like everyone else does. This is the best I've felt in years and I'm getting better everyday.

I wish to thank you for what you have done for me. I have sung your praises all across the Internet and also to friends and family. Lots of these people have ordered your books and purchased the product because they have seen the difference this has made in my life..

Again, thank you. Your product has literally saved my life.


Chronic dandruff all my life

I’ve had chronic dandruff all my life. We are talking big snow flakes type of dandruff. If I didn’t wash my hair with a strong dandruff shampoo every other day, the dandruff would reappear a day later. The prescription shampoos didn’t do any good either. It got so bad that when scratching my scalp, I could actually get a millimeters worth of dandruff under my fingernails. If I rubbed my scalp and hair lightly, dry flakes would fall as if it was snowing.

I had tried all sorts of remedies specifically designed to treat this problem without any success. It is something I had learned to live with all these years. I’m 55 years old now and still had this problem until recently. Someone mentioned MMS on one of the forums online. With that I bought a copy of your book, read about MMS and actually bought a couple of bottles from your friend in Canada.

Since I didn’t have any particular health problems (or so I thought), I just took it for maintenance purposes. About 7-10 drops with half a tablespoon of vinegar in two ounces of water. I repeated this routine once or twice a week.
A few days ago after ingesting the MMS for about two months, I noticed that my dandruff was completely gone. I purposely skipped two days of shampooing and scratched my scalp just to test it, but I am happy to say “THE DANDRUFF WAS AND IS NOW COMPLETELY GONE !!!!”.

As a side note, I’ve also had better bowel movement since.

Thank you, this was a God send.

(Note: I included this story to illustrate the point that most skin diseases, including melanoma, are or over come by taking MMS internally. Normally, one does not need to put the MMS on the outside. Please don't use vinegar as the activator. Use instead, lime, lemon, or citric acid solution. See the FAQ's on this site. Vinegar feeds Candida.)

Irregular and elevated heart rate

I'm 75 and have been into alternative health for over 35 years. Since age 18-20 I've had an intermittent problem with irregular and elevated heart rate. Many things triggered the condition; Caffeine, stress, exercise...It was always close to acting up. I know my stuff and tried a lot of things with no lasting success. On the fifth day of MMS I took my blood pressure. As usual, it was normal or a bit low. The surprise was the heart rate, which read 60!!! I felt the pulse and it was firm and rock steady. I attend a gym and often had, "After workout" problems; High, irregular, pulse with a light-headed feeling. I've exercised since and the problem seems to have cleared. I have more energy, the heart rate goes higher than it did (Good) and I sweat more (Good). As soon as I stop there is steady recovery to resting heart rate. For me, this is close to a miracle. Jim: Use the above as a testimonial, if you wish. Book 1 showed incidents of general apathy toward Africa. Terrible! I support your mission, 100%.

Carl Lindert

MMS does not cure anything.

MMS simply kills mold & fungus which cancer and other nasties grow on, kills pathogens and free radicals as well as bacteria and viruses. In so doing it allows the immune system to get to work and do the healing which is how God intended us to get well originally.


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not "approved" and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this information are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.

I am a 46 yo woman who has struggled with systemic candida for over 25 years. Also, because I have traveled extensively around the world, I am aware that I have been exposed to many parasites. I have been very diligent in doing cleanses/detox for both of these issues with various results. Part of my health regime has also been consuming drops of 5% sodium chlorite in I was very interested reading about Jim Humble and MMS.
These are some of the symptoms I have experienced since starting the MMS:

I began with 1 drop at bedtime. The next morning I felt I was beginning to get an upper respiratory infection with allot of sinus pressure and drainage. I used my Neti pot and I felt much better. This happened again another day, but I never did get sick.

I continued to add an additional drop of MMS each night. At 4 drops, I was feeling very sensitive to the chemical taste/smell of the MMS-citric acid combination and I thought I might not be able to continue. Several times, my skin was somewhat itchy and I felt a bit queasy..but only occasionally throughout the day. I skipped the next day but then continued with 3 drops and I had no problem, not even with the smell-taste. After 5 drops, I noticed my plantar wart going away. At 10 drops I experienced some diarrhea (but not the type that continues all day) so I backed off to 9 drops for a couple of days. I experienced the symptoms of a bladder infection for about a day and a half (burning, frequent urination), but it is now gone. The next time I took 10 drops at bedtime, the following morning, after drinking some coffee, I projectile vomited (sorry). I felt no nausea afterwards.

Today, I saw my MD and reported to her about the bladder issue I was having earlier in the week. She tested me and found some of the bacteria still there. Although she wrote me a prescription, I will not fill it unless I begin to feel the symptoms coming back again. It is very clear to me that the MMS is working and I think the symptoms are part of a healing crisis. I'll keep you updated if I notice anything else. I'm curious to know if anyone else is experiencing any of these symptoms...?

---------------------- ORDER HERE

MMS and ring worm

I had posted about 5 days ago about a barber itch I had. This is caused
by the same fungus that causes ring worm. I have never gotten this
before in my life, and I originally thought it was bacterial. Triple
antibiotic ointment did nothing to help it, and CS helped, but would not eliminate it. Anyway, I tried wetting a tissue with AMMS lemon juice, and applied it 3 times. The first two several hours apart, I washed the AMMS off after 60 seconds. The next morning it was much much better,and I applied it for several minutes without washing it off. That was a mistake, I got a chemical burn from it the third time. The area swelled up for the next 3 days, and the redness took 5 days to disappear. The dry scaling look of the area has still not quire left. Anyway, I wanted to report that it completely eliminated the fungus. Antifungals require up to 2 weeks to cure ring worm, but I was able to cure it in less than 24 hours with AMMS. However, if I do it again, I will dilute it first so I don't burn myself. I bought some antifungal cream, but did not need it.


I think I will wait till I get up to 15 drops which should be by Tuesday if all goes well. Finally at 11 drops I want to say my rashes are clearing up but I am knocking on wood because the one on my face flared up a few hours ago but my hands are 80% improved!


Hang in there. I had a combination rash and solar keratosis on my abdomen that seems to be vanishing. It could be that sitting in the sun or ingesting MMS or a combination of them is making it go away. On the other hand, I also have a mild jock itch that seems to be vanishing as well. It occurs when it is hot and moist, mostly when I sleep. I'm happy to see these things go away, for whatever reason. Maybe consider some extra vitamin D in your supplements. Vit D also helps to block histamines. I have some Vit D cream that I use for any kind of itch. It totally works for stopping the itch within minutes.

Regarding the paradophilus, I see that it is not a probiotic as I thought. It is a byproduct of probiotics. It is an unique product. It kills the same stuff that MMS does. I can only find info at sites that sell the stuff.


I've been struggling to stay pH balanced since I did a parasite cleanse. I realize that the killing of the 'invaders' causes one to become more acidic. Immediately after completing the parasite cleanse I went into a terrible gout attack. I've tried everything ever mentioned on CZ to combat these two attacks. Normally, drinking ACV daily has kept me balanced and gout-free for over five years.

Trying Moreless' alkalyzing drink with some success.

Wanted to begin the MMS after reading as much about it as I could. Tolerated up to 10 drops well - but then, kicked into acidity and gout, again!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Here are my observations during the two week ramp-up on MMS.
**More energy - definitely feel as if I'm getting more oxygen - able to walk faster and longer even at increased altitude (I live in Colorado)
**Decreased joint pain (then flipped and experienced more as the gout attack commenced)
**Sleeping really, really well.
**Although everyone in my family has suffered from a bad sinus infection/upper resp infection, it's skipped over me

Please - all keep posting observations. There's little information about MMS out there and the more the better. Together, we can figure it out!


I think maybe u just killed something at 10 drops and caused an acid spike then do as JH recommends take it as a herx a back down again but don't stop. My fungal rashes got worse at one point so I backed off again then went back up and right now they are gone but I just started 15 today!!! YEA!!! big miles stone I have been going very slowly and so far so good!
hang in there


I have been taking MMS for almost one month and am up to 15 drops. Had Diahrria one day when I took 4 drops, twice in one hour. No problem since then. I also have had Candida for many years and it is gone now and all the pain I had in my feet and legs also gone. Feeling great at 74 years old.Hang in there and pass the word on to every one you know.
I have posted it on my Blog


Health challenges before MMS: Jaw pain from tooth infections or
abscesses, headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, growth or tumor on
mandible near eye tooth.

Other protocols being used: Was oil pulling with coconut oil.

Effects noticed from MMS:

MMS Start date: Mid-October 2007

When taken: #Drops MMS: Which acid used (lemon, vinegar , Citric Acid
10%Solution) Effects:

Day 1: I think 2 drops, then 3 drops with vinegar
Day 2: 4, then 5 drops with vinegar
Day 3: 5 and 5 drops with bottled lemon juice [vinegar hurt my rectum]
Day 4: I think 5, 5 & 5 drops with lactic acid from kefir
- Jaw pain started 3 or 4 days before I got the MMS and continued until
about Day 6, mainly at night.
Day 5 or 6: 8, 8, 8 & 6 drops with bottled lemon juice
- Had to vomit a little in the middle of the night. I got real hot in
the face and a bit sweaty for a moment. Then I had diarrhea briefly.
When I returned to bed the jaw pain was gone.

Day 7-12: I dropped down to 6 drops about twice a day and raised it
again gradually. When I got up to 10 drops twice a day, I vomited again
at night. So I dropped back down to 7 or 8 at a time. I didn't take any
last night or today so far, but I plan to resume again tonight. I
skipped today so far, because I wanted to plant wheat at the farm and
didn't want to have nausea or sleepiness etc. I biked 9 miles to the
farm up 3 big hills on the way. I disked 12 acres of ground, then I had
to clean 17 bushels of wheat by hand with a screen and put them in the
drill. That took a couple of hours. Then I planted the 12 acres of wheat and finally rode the bike up 3 slightly bigger hills over the 9 miles back home.

I seemed to have more energy for riding the bike than I did 3 or 4 weeks ago when I did a similar feat.
- The growth or tumor on my mandible by my eyetooth, about a quarter
inch in diameter, has been shrinking. It seems that my tooth infections
may have spread into my neck, shoulder and maybe my upper spine. As the
jaw pain left, so did much of the tenderness in those areas. The gum
around my bad tooth remained a bit tender for a few days after the jaw
pain left, but is no longer tender at all, that I can tell. There's
still a small sore spot on the other side of my jaw, which is fading.
- Hopefully, this will be the end of my periodic headaches and

Before MMS, no matter what I tried, nothing really helped, except
extreme diet. The almost absolute elimination of Carbs. I even gave
up beer, and I have drank beer for 50 years. I even gave it up when
I went for a round of golf. I have played golf for 40 years, and a
few beers were always a part of it. The point is, I could never
maintain such a Spartan diet. There has always been relapses. I have
spent thousands, buying everything, that others proclaimed would
help, to no avail. I have been to many doctors, and was even told
that I may have delusions of Parasites. I quit going to useless
doctors. MMS is another story. I have began to feel a
difference. The Fungus really appears to be receding. I am up to 10
drops a day, plus using the mixture on my forearms. The crustiness
is retreating slowly. I am back to my work out, big time, and am
using my Gazelle (GLIDER), a no impact, walking device. My lung
capacity seems so much better. Am I out of the woods, no, but I see
hope of being out of them soon. I have went through severe
herx, of crams, bowel looseness, and headaches. I have attributed
all of that to die-off. I hope that I continue to improve, as I have
had many relapses before. I hope that I have given you some
inspiration to continue the fight.


Thats awesome. I only have two accounts to tell about with MMS. One is
me, and the other my cousin.I am 51, I was slowly dying over the years
and could not figure out why. A few years ago it started getting
really bad at had me to the point of barley being able to take care of
myself. All I did was sit or "try" to sleep. In a few short years I
was transformed from a successful person, To a complete and total
looser. I was even left by the girl I loved and she took my little 5
yr girl with her.

I finally figured out I have mercury poisoning that
the good ole ADA gave me. I have tried every thing under the sun,
Nothing seemed to really help. Until MMS. For me it has been slow, But
WOW, It is working, There is something in my body that MMS does not
like at all, And it's killing it big time. I am like you, I am not
where I want to be yet, But I will get there with this wonderful and
simple formula. With my cousin, She is 10 years younger than me, Was
diagnosed with fibromyalgia, And has had an almost overnight
transformation with this. It's as close to a "Miracle" for us, As we
have ever seen. Stay in there, I am pretty sure you will be

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The stuff in question is 'MMS' or 'Miracle Mineral Supplement' which is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite, which is activated by interaction with acetic acid or citric acid, then is ingested and becomes Chlorine Dioxide in the body.

This stuff is ENORMOUSLY powerful and unfortunately, can be DANGEROUS by virtue of the fact that it can strip arterial plaque out so fast that it doesn't allow any time for healing of those arteries.

How do I know? Because I've done it, and am having heart trouble right now because of it. This is not a negative post. Before launching into this, do not do so without getting and reading the second book, where the author does warn about this very thing. I didn't understand. Now I do.

Before doing this, if you have the slightest notion that you may have any heart troubles, or even if you're older than 30, build yourself up first with a full range of L-Ascorbic Acid and natural Vitamin C containing products like Acerola Powder, and/or eat a lot of citrus fruit if you can handle it, for at least 2 weeks previous to taking MMS.

Also load yourself with potassium and magnesium first.

Once you start MMS, it *may* destroy Vitamin C in your system, so it may be best to take MMS only once a day, and take the C products on the other 12 hour side. C in the morning, MMS at night.

MMS can induce the most extreme of Herxheimer reactions. I have bought activated charcoal and have Bentonite Clay on hand to deal with the Herx when I have my next run at MMS, which won't be for another week at least, maybe longer.

Now to the specifics of how MMS can 'cause' heart trouble:

The arteries of the heart, the ones that deliver blood from the heart to the heart, those arteries collapse with every heartbeat. Without enough vitamin C and collagen*, they weaken at the stress points. The body packs cholesterol onto these weak places. The cholesterol becomes pathogen infested and turns into plaque. Chlorine Dioxide attacks and strips this plaque, exposing the weakened arterial wall beneath. Then you have problems. All of this is in book two, but perhaps not warned about harshly enough.

(*I have just started taking 'Super Collagen' by Neocell, and it also seems to help my heart.)

In just a very few days, MMS exposed and killed a large infection in my right sinuses. I knew I had it but I had no idea how truly bad it was until the MMS went after it.

Don't jump into this with both feet and go splashing around. Don't be stupid like me, and a few others. MMS is great stuff, but so powerful that you must use caution with it.

Now, don't anybody get all worried about me. I'm fine. This has been a learning experience for me and I do believe I'm going to emerge from this even stronger. I sure am smarter already ;>)


PS- Somebody is going to come back and say 'I'll never take that.' Well, I am going to take it again. This is in no way to be construed as anti-MMS. It's just a caution."


I'm excited to say that we are seeing improvement after three days building up to 10 drops before vomiting and severe tiredness. xxxx stopped the drops to recuperate this was Saturday. Has not taken any since and we are starting back today at 9 drops hoping not to have the same side effects. But this a.m. I see the tumor he has on his head is flattened out and seems a bit smaller. xxxx was to see the radiologist about this tumor this Wed. It would be great if it continues to shrink between now and Wed at noon. I wonder if they do the lymphoma panel this Wed if there will show a difference?


The observations I've made in my own personal experience of MMS do not
support the direct reaction to MMS theory you've proposed.

My first week of reactions were all centered in my sinuses,neck, head,
and jawbone areas that I think related to the death of some infection of a root canal I have. If MMS were directly toxic to tissues, I would have expected gastrointestinal symptoms first, not confined to my face and head. And if it were toxic to face and head, continuation should have increased the symptoms rather than abated them.

3 or 4 days ago (after 5 weeks of MMS use) I finally had the loose
bowels and vomiting after taking a third dose that I'm not ramped up to
while trying to fight a head cold. I have continued with that dose since then, with no belly effects to speak of. If the MMS were directly toxic, I would have thought that continued ingestion would make the belly symptoms increasingly strong, but that's not what happened for me at all. Instead, I feel better than I have in 10 years at least.

That one person felt the MMS was killing beneficial bacteria does not
make it a fact. It may, it may not, I don't know with any certainty.
But it hasn't made me feel that I have to go to any great lengths to
renew my gut bacteria beyond my normal daily ingestion of Kefir.

I think it more likely that it could upset the gut balance by killing
of the bad guys like candida overgrowth whose remains are quite
difficult to tolerate in large numbers and can make one feel quite ill.
In that case it would be highly desirable to fill the "void" left with
probiotics in any event, and to do some intestinal cleansing activities
to speed the removal of the residue.

It does go against every instinct to drink this chlorine-like smelly
stuff, but it has done me so much good in so many ways that I'm
convinced of its efficacy. Every "detox" reaction I've had has been
followed by yet another level of clearing of something and an increased
sense of well being. I certainly have no sense of harming myself,
although that sick belly day was a doozy!


Been on MMS for a week now. Just using it to feel better in all.
I also have had neck pain for years and never thought this would help it. Just thought it was bad bones. But something odd is happening. Hurting less each day. Not sure why.
At times my hair feels like its crawling a bit. But all in all feeling good. I am doing it slow and still only taking 4 drops in 20 drops of citric acid 10% mix twice a day.


My wife is doing wonderfully with help of MMS. Her lump on her thyroid is almost completely gone. She has to practically hurt herself digging into her throat to even feel it now. We're just about ready to visit our physician for follow up xrays. If the moderator of this thread will let me, I'll try to post the results of her tests -- both baseline and resulting. Oh! And my friend's cat, Dublin, with the huge cancer tumors is gaining weight and moving about again. The tumors are slowly going away. I can't say this enough, MMS is as it's named, a miracle!


Arthritis Swelling Goes Down with MMS - Chlorine Dioxide

My husband had been suffering with a Lyme disease type rheumatoid arthritis for several years. It kept him from riding motorcycles because you have to grip the handle bars quite hard with your fingers to hold on.

Will the Arthritis Swelling in the Hands Go Down with MMS

He started taking 1 drop of MMS four times a day. The next day he took 2 drops four times a day, then 3 drops X four times and by the time he was on the 5th day -- he was taking 5 drops X four times a day. The swelling in his hands was gone.

What does this mean?

Could it be that littler critters (bacteria, spirochetes) were killed by the immune system using the Miracle Mineral Supplement?

Does that mean that under arthritis and other joint problems are bacteria and other micro organisms?


"Everyone who has reported having lupus and also reported taking
the MMS has also reported feeling back to normal. All cases of
diabetes that have reported taking the MMS have also reported doing
better, not all cured, but doing better. Even those with depression
have reported feeling better. One child with ADD has reported all
symptoms were gone in two weeks."


By the way I have been on the diarrhea highway again and boy am I on a roll! I am at 15drps and 15 daily. I did cut way back but kept on rolling with the rhea so I went back up to 15 and said let's get this dance over with!!! So some yuck is coming out

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN??..... we used to parasite cleanse and liver flush ...well X'S 10 the amount of sick coming out! Does anyone remember what the black sesame seeds were? Got loads of 'em. Oh yes at one point I got little green liver stones perhaps they were stuck up there somewhere and got blasted out?
Plus has anyone gone thru a deep depression toward the end of their clean out? That is what I'm feeling!


Using the equivalent of about 4 drops of MMS in a liter of water, drinking 4 - 5 of these per day over a four year period. And I can testify that my red blood health shot through the roof ... I started running every day, I would tell my friends about it, saying something like, "I feel like I could bend steel"...

And this experience has been shared by many, many others.

Go slow, experiment, but you will find that many people have gone from sick to healthy using a sodium chlorite solution.

And then of course there is the testimony of John Humble, who says that he has personally cured many thousands of various illnesses.


I don't have cancer that I know of.But I have been devastated by
something that is killing me. Extreme fatigue, Brain fog, Locked up
lower back,Recently thinning hair and blurry vision,and many more
symptoms.I have been told I have mercury poisoning from the pretty
silver fillings in my teeth which I intend to remove when I can afford
it. I have been taking MMS for about 6 or 7 weeks, And it is slowly
cleaning this junk out of me.

It has not been over night, And There has been a few times I had to slow down a little, Because of high pressure bathroom visits. There is definitely something in my body MMS doe's not seem to care for. It is "unlocking" my lower back, And I am sleeping great compared to the virtual insomnia I used to have. I have a better sense of well being. I am sure it is just a matter of time that it will get me where I want to be, As well as using other things that are specific to my needs. I also gave some MMS to my cousin who was recently told that she has fibromyalgia. She was almost to the point I was, She even needed help bathing and getting undressed, She had what you could say was an overnight success with MMs. A few days,She's back to work. I was amazed to see it work that fast on a person. She is still having smaller problems, Such as her bowels are still cleansing. (She has an extended tummy), Causing me to suspect a plugged bowel. This seems to work well on plugged bowels.


After seeing great results with the pulser, I then
found out about MMS, One of the greatest things I have ever tried. I
often wonder If I had the MMS first, Maybe I would not have needed the
pulser. But I have it now,And glad I do. The MMS for me is slow, But
steady, I see improvements most every day. It is literally the light
at the end of the tunnel I have been looking for.


Though I am no longer taking MMS...I finished my MMS detox a couple weeks ago...I had quantum biofeedback today and it said chlorine was not a problem in my system!!! Also pathogens are way down.


I’ve been using MMS for 7 weeks now... Started with one drop daily, currently at 20 drops... I ran into a little nausea at 8 and 11 drops, dropped down a drop for 3 days, then ramped back up....

These are the benefits I recognize so far from MMS.... I had 3 tiny painful sores on my tongue for about two years now, nothing I nor my doctor did helped... Trust me, these were very painful, eating spaghetti sauce became a thing of the past.... This past summer, the pain was at it’s worst... I was sure this was some kind of pathogen, but just couldn’t get rid of it, not in the least, the pain continued to worsen... When I started MMS, I decided I would take a sip and hold it in my mouth for a minute or so before swallowing.... I no longer have any sores on my tongue, the pain is completely gone... The only change in my treatment protocol was the addition of MMS....

Next and more important, I was dealing with the worst fatigue and brain fog for the past 6 months. Seven weeks of MMS and now my fatigue and brain fog are much better.... I can actually do some things again, walking to the mailbox is now something I can do anytime I wish. Before, most days I couldn’t make that short walk... I’ve been spending some time working out in my yard, something I haven’t done in the past 6 months...

I definitely feel there is a benefit for anyone with Lyme disease using MMS... I am under the care of a few doctors at the Mayo Clinic and just yesterday I had a physical exam of my thyroid, all was normal... I will test for TSH, T4 and T3 at the end of the month. But, for what this doctor can tell from all the past TSH tests done there, this too should be considered normal...


My father-in-law was recommended this product by his naturpath. He was diagnosed with Sjogren's disease about a year ago and had all the debilitating symptoms: dry eyes (needed drops every few hours), dry mouth (needed to drink water with meals/food), and much lower energy level. Since taking MMS for the last month and a half, he has had an amazing recovery: no longer needs eye drops at all, sleeps like a baby at night, and has no dry mouth at all. As well, he has resumed his passion, tennis (at 71 years of age!)

He is taking approximately 20 drops a day, but started out slowly with only 2-4 drops a day. He did experience some nausea at the onset, but as toxins left his system, those symptoms also left and he feels better than he has in years.

My husband and I have been taking it as well for the last few weeks, and again, there have been some great developments - my husband's chronic eye problems (redness, itchiness) have all but disappeared, and he is sleeping more restfully. He, also, experienced some mild nausea and diahrea at the onset.


I've been using this stuff for 4 years,
And I cannot begin to express how cool it is!

When I first started 4 years ago, within the first 3 months I lost 40 lbs, and every little malady I had cleared up. Most important, my energy shot through the roof, and people I met thought I was maybe 28 or 29 (I was 38 at that time.)

Last year I bought a pound of NaClO2, and made my own 25% solution. I drink it right in my green drink, 4 or more liters per day. It doesn't seem to oxidize the greens themselves.

thought this might interest some of you folks. i have a friend that
bought a stud dog several months ago ( paid 7k for him ). he said that
he's had him on antibiotics practically the whole time. he had to have
an operation for kidney stones, has had prostate problems and can't
make puppies. he had lost a lot of his hair and would barely get out of
his house. he said he was getting ready to have him put down and i
talked him in to trying the mms. this was about 6 wks ago. he lives in
ok. & I'm in tx so we really don't talk a lot. he called this afternoon
very excited! he says the dog is up running around acting like he
should :-) he's grown back most of his hair already. the guy was so
happy he was slobbering all over the phone... he's going to keep it up
for awhile before having his semen checked... i feel this is pretty
substantial as he's been to umpteen vets and spend boocoodles of £££
trying to get this dog well. ORDER HERE

Answer to Dr. Paul Pressman's claims about MMS. His first statement is mistaken, chlorine dioxide does not turn to chlorite. It is exactly opposite. Chlorite turns into chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide only lasts 2 hours before it turns to chloride which is table salt and is completely non dangerous. That's the chemistry of it.

The formula that I use was tested throughout the world for over 20 years. Tests and clinical trials have been conducted in tens of thousands of hospitals and clinics in over 100,000 actual tests. No other chemical has ever been so thoroughly tested. The commercial name of one product of the same chemical formula that I use is Dioxychlor. This is just one of several products that has received such testing.

I have listed on the site in the last FAQ some excerpts from a scientific paper giving data about many of these tests and giving actual results of the tests. If you want the data you will need to look up the full paper on the Internet.

My product, which is not my product, as I do not sell the MMS nor receive money from it's sale except as donations from a few people, but definitely not as a single dime of profit, has receive much testing as well. MMS has been given to over 100,000 people the biggest portion who were babies and children. There was never any report of damage or problems. In addition I conducted clinical trials in prisons in the Central African country of Malawi and the government their verified my results with parallel tests, which was 100% of all prisoners treated were cured.

Much damage is done by people like Dr. Paul Pressman who begin talking when they know nothing of what they speak. There are people who trust them and are thus denied the therapy that might otherwise have saved their lives. I have to refrain from commenting on his purpose for speaking without knowledge, and it might have been ego or any one of a hundred other good reasons, but the end result of such behavior is always evil. If someone who could have been cured of a disease is not cured because they trusted Pressman, then that result is evil.

There is no valid argument against MMS by anyone, even the best of scientists, because the proof is there in thousands of tests and clinical trials. There is no argument against chemistry, which dictates such result and then the actual results in thousands of trials. Many hundreds of Scientific papers are available and the book, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, lists 160 of them. Dr. Pressman, please read the book, as the papers are listed in the book and available to be read on the Internet. You can help many of your clients simply by reading the book. Jim Humble

My father-in-law was recommended this product by his naturpath. He was diagnosed with Sjogren’s disease about a year ago and had all the debilitating symptoms: dry eyes (needed drops every few hours), dry mouth (needed to drink water with meals/food), and much lower energy level. Since taking MMS for the last month and a half, he has had an amazing recovery: no longer needs eye drops at all, sleeps like a baby at night, and has no dry mouth at all. As well, he has resumed his passion, tennis (at 71 years of age!)

He is taking approximately 20 drops a day, but started out slowly with only 2-4 drops a day. He did experience some nausea at the onset, but as toxins left his system, those symptoms also left and he feels better than he has in years.

My husband and I have been taking it as well for the last few weeks, and again, there have been some great developments - my husband’s chronic eye problems (redness, itchiness) have all but disappeared, and he is sleeping more restfully. He, also, experienced some mild nausea and diahrea at the onset.

I have not undergone any “side effects” at all, per se, but aside from his eyes clearing up and sleeping better, my husband has noticed other subtle improvements: hardly any plaque buildup on his teeth overnight (sometimes a problem), more regular bowel movements, and clearing up of his sinuses.

Read the literature, both Books 1 and 2, then try it for yourselves. Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

More testimonials;

I have posted in the past about my own story/recovery, so if it's ok I will just repeat them here in this email for now...

A friend first brought up drinking sodium chlorite in liters of water, mixed with "greens" (grass powder/veggie powder) about 4 years ago. (Sodium chlorite is the active ingredient in MMS). She kept mentioning it over and over to me, telling me how much it had helped her, and many, many others she knew.

I was pretty conservative, ate a SAD diet, and had very little experience with any holistic therapies. But, she was so enthusiastic, and she was a good friend, so I tried a liter with the drops and greens in it. (this was 5% sodium chlorite, so about 1/5 the strength of MMS).

Within the first hour of sipping this, I felt "high" ... I was at work at the firehouse, so this was not the best place to feel this way, lol ... I called up Darlene (my friend) and at first she couldnt believe it, but I described the way I felt and she agreed, yup, I was probably stoned.

We figured out, after thinking things over, that I had taken some anti-depressants and some anxiety meds about 8 to 12 mos before, and what had probably happened was a release/detox of stored meds from that prior time period ... so I had a REALLY nice, euphoric first two hours drinking NaClO2.

After that, I began to feel incredibly more energetic, and I started to drop weight. I became so convinced so early about this combination that I continued to drink liters of water with these 5% NaClO2 drops, mixed with about a teaspoon of dry grass powder/veggie powder, about 4 -5 of these per day. The more I drank, the more weight I lost, and the more my appetite/desires shifted to eat the healthy food that was being recommended to me ("alkaline diet"). It is almost as though the more pure my body became, the more I wanted to eat whole foods, green foods, etc....

In the first 4 months I noticed the following benefits:

- I lost 40lbs (although I had NOT been trying to lose weight)
- I began to look a LOT younger ... I was 39 then ... most people
would guess I was 28 - 29
- My eyes brightened a TON ... they went from tired and dull, to bright green ... for the first time in my life, people would comment about my
- Little skin problems cleared up ... itchiness, skin health, etc...
- My dandruff disappeared and my scalp stopped itching.
- I finally slept soundly; I had always awoken tired, and would have trouble waking up even by 7 or 8 in the morning; now, I could go to bed at 11pm, and I would ALWAYS pop awake at 4:30 or 5am, ready to go, and not be tired again until the next night.
- My snoring/sleep apnea just WENT away ... I had been tested in a hospital sleep study center, and I would stop breathing about 30 times per hour.
- My allergies (seasonal, food, environmental) just WENT away ... after years of suffering, and trying every OTC med known to man.
- My STRONG desires for sweets/carbs just WENT away (and when I say desires here, I mean pure LUST)
- My mind cleared up ... for the first time really since high school I felt like I had my brain back ... it was wonderful; I started writing again, poetry and stories, I started studying new subjects, etc...
- My energy level and my stamina continued to skyrocket ... I would take my soccer ball down to the park, in the 98 degree heat of July, and play with the 16 year old soccer players until they wore out. Then I would go for a run.
- My patience, tolerance and love for others increased.

It was INCREDIBLE. I remember telling friends after about 4 mos. (in all humility, lol) that I felt like I could bend steel with my bare hands. And the energy, the strength, the endurance, and clarity of thought and expression all felt holistic, natural and good.

I'm sure there were many more things ... it is difficult to recall it all...but I remember that it basically gave me my life back.

I hope this helps; maybe I will post it again.

Please take care,


Some more experiences, mostly from curezone

We mix the drops and citric acid, leave
for 3 minutes and then add home made apple juice. It is better than
taking it straight, but not easy.

The good news is that my saliva is returning after 5 years
of "incurable" Sjogren's syndrome, my warts have fallen off, my
chronic eye infection seems to be nearly gone and many other signs of
healing after only 32 days. It is very exciting. We just have to
put one foot in front of the other and keep doing the best we can.
Yesterday I had a bad migraine and resorted to a coffee enema, which
I haven't done in months. I just take it one day at a time and trust
God, regardless of the outcome. So far, the MMS seems to be healing
things that NOTHING else has been able to reach.

My husband Vic (he has prostate cancer and chronic infections) just
feels exhausted on the MMS. But there is color in his face. He has
had an awful yellow look to his skin for years, but now it is a
lovely pink. I believe he is going through some major "critter" kill
and detox. We keep waiting for the "loads of energy" stage that
others talk about. I do believe it will come as we kill the bugs.

These are people we know. The writer, Chris Smith, was almost dead a
few months ago. He has been battling a very aggressive cancer for
over 8 years. Since going on the MMS looks, sounds and feels so much


I have been using MMS for MS symptoms just over 2 months and am seeing things which I love. For now what about the reduction of the skin lymph glands? I think this is a major sign of what may be happening inside all the other organs and glands. I had enlarged lymph below my breasts, under my arms and stomach. My holistic dr said they were swollen lymph glands. The computer allergist specialist said they had strep, mold and other virus and bacterial overloads. These glands are a part of the skin and look like fat deposits. I have had lymph massage drainage and this helped but nothing permanent. They the Lymph deposits on my trunk underarms, and lower stomach look like they are disolving. I also have small tumors around these lymph glands and they are too getting smaller. Does anyone know of anyone else with this experience. I think if it is doing this to my outsides it is also doing this to my pancreas, bowels (are loaded with glands, immune glands,)Brain in MS, and thyroid one side was swollen last week when I saw the dentist. I am also regaining better function with my Lungs. I would appreciate any support on this issue. Links experiences ect. Thank You


My experience with MMS has been so pleasant; I am on my second go. The first was about a 10-day trial, and then I got nervous about taking it, so I stopped. However, with this start I am having nothing but great feelings of health. Today I am at 5 drops with lemon and I take it 2 x per day. One of the coolest feelings has been in my brain area. A feeling of tingling, like a clearing sensation.


I have used MMS for symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for almost 2 months. I am getting symptom relief. Has anyone else with Multiple Sclerosis been using MMS protocol? Have you experience any symptom relief?
I can see natural signs that I attribute to less Mercury, pathogens, yeast and mold (old hard sore's are healing and soft) No longer have digestive problems and breathing is much better. Lymph glands are getting softer and I am losing weight.


So many people found it hard to believe my many improvements it is nice to see you experienced much the same improvements. I am excited and looking forward every day. I have MS and am walking away from it one symptom at a time. I have followed a holistic protocol for many years but couldn't get that last bit of recovery. I think the Metals,spores, toxin plaques, virus, bacteria and pathogenic mold and yeast overloads were just to deep for the treatments to get to. I did ozone, chelation. vitamin therapy. Which lightened the load. The MMS seems to have lowered the counts quickly and I will do it until I know the last spore is dead.


I'm using MMS for Lyme. I started it on 10/4/07, worked up to 15 drops 2x a day, am & pm. When I experienced no nausea or diarrhea, I began to wonder if it was doing anything. Well, 15 drops 2x day didn't last long. Walking got more difficult, started taking 2 hr naps, lots of pain in jaw/teeth/neck area and down spine, swelling in cheek, nerves in limbs screaming. Agony everywhere! Well, maybe not everywhere. It just felt like everywhere. But at least it became obvious it wasn't doing nothing. Dropped back drastically on # of drops and some days went off entirely. Dropped salt/vit c protocol and supplements. I couldn't think what to take or not to take or when to take it and couldn't keep track even when I tried.

What I think is happening is that the MMS got to the spine where the dastardly little beasties had been successfully hiding out escaping the salt/vit c. I also consider this experience further confirmation that it was dental work that provided the major opportunity for this invasion. (If it hadn't been for our 'state of the art' American medical profession I'm sure I could have negotiated this life much more successfully. Grrr!!) Anyway, I'm still miserable. but plodding on. Presently doing 15 drops once a day. Would like to try fewer drops at a time and more often during the day, but the taste/smell grosses me out so that I prefer to do it once and get it over with. I also added to my misery by using the Indian Herb, (otherwise known as black salve) recommended by Jim Humble on a couple of little crusty spots on my skin which, judging from how angrily they are reacting, I'm now convinced they are skin cancers. I also got the life-line water from the Indian Herb lady in hopes it will help hydrate as she says it will. So the experiment goes on.

Thanks to all of you for being here.


I also experienced that same thing using MMS for lyme. I worked to 15 drops twice a day and was fine for a while and started to notice fatigue and nausea building and stopped the mms after about a month. It became tough to tollerate the mms. 5 days later I started it up again because the fatigue worsened. 4 days after that i started feeling ok again. At 10 drops a day I leveled off as it was to much to go to 15 drops again. I finished half the bottle and have stopped for now. Most of the infections I have had are gone. After dermal testing the lyme was gone also but may be dormant. I had a lyme test three weeks ago to verify that I have beaten the bug.
If MMS can beat lyme this would be god sent.


I have reported before that MMS made my breathing easier. Here's what
happened last night.

I was born with asthma. Had it all through my childhood and though I
outgrew it as a young adult it left my lungs compromised--meaning that if I exerted myself I wouldn't be able to breath deep. There were many times that I'd still have asthmatic spells of short duration. If I was in a damp environment it would be hard for me to breath.

I started taking MMS, only 6 drops a day. I noticed better breathing in
just 2 days, but in only less than 3 weeks I am now able to breath all the way to lung capacity. I can fill my lungs completely with air and not cough or have that catch that happens. And last night I went to a concert held in an underground cave. It was quite a ways down--and going down is always easy. ;-) But coming up, I pushed myself to keep up with the group as we were leaving so as not to block anyone behind me.

When I got to the surface I had to sit down and catch my breath for 3 to 4 minutes before breathing slowed down to normal. BUT--the whole time I was puffing and panting was just from being physically out of shape and had nothing to do with my lungs,because I, miraculously was breathing deeply, filling my lungs, no catching,no heat/pain in the lungs from exertion, no coughing. I was pretty darn impressed!! That has never happened to me before in my life.


Although I remain a big supporter/believer in MMS and what it can accomplish in the body,
I am going to go off it for a while (at least.) At only 6 drops once a day, it seems the MMS is
neutralizing blood sugar and blood pressure medication because both are going up.

I have been feeling more pain and other all-over crappy feelings, easily stressed out, with
palpetations at times.

My bp has been inching up steadily with no change in medicine. I have had my blood sugar medicine
changed because the one I was on was causing pitting edema. It seems that the new medicines have
had no effect since I was on the MMS at the time of changing.

Since I feel so bad, I am dropping the MMS and continuing with other good supplements.
Hopefully, this will help.

Just a "heads up" to those on medication.


My son introduced a friend (55 y.o.) to MMS - he has an hereditary cancerous bowel condition requiring 6 monthly colonoscopies and diathermy of cancerous polyps (up to 40 each time), and after 3 weeks of MMS (as per protocol) his doctor has declared him to have a “clean bowel” and doesn’t need to see him for at least 2 years. The same man also had a PSA reading which has increased sharply over the past 12 months, up to the point of recently being scheduled in for surgery for prostate cancer, something he did NOT want to do. After 10 days
of MMS, his reading has come down into the normal range, and so amazed his doctor, the doctor has demanded to see all the literature he has on MMS! The patient, of course, is very happy that he didn’t need the operation after the MMS.

Hubby quit taking his MMS for a couple of days because it was upsetting his tummy even more than it usually is, but even so, in that two-day period, he was able to "go" without taking any laxatives or senna tea for the first time in YEARS! It's the first clear proof we've had that it's really working. It might not seem like a big deal for most people but we're in shock.

He's gone back to taking it, starting tonight, and I think that he's beside himself that finally, after all this time, money, useless doctors and their endless tests and running around trying one thing after another, *something* is making a real difference.


My main problem is severe systemic candida. I started taking MMS about 4 weeks ago and gradually increased dosage from 2 drops to 15 drops. I have been taking MMS 15 drops 1x per day at bed time for the last three weeks.

MMS worked like magic. It killed a ton of candida (I can see this from the loose and fuzzy stools I passed). My candida symptoms are much better now. I have much more energy. But the battle is not over yet. I still have candida in me and still have candida symptoms.

I plan to take MMS 15 drops 3x per day starting today and stay at the dosage until I am candida free.

Because of my candida condition, I am very sensitive to food. I can only tolerate meat, non-starchy vegetables, and oils. The only foods I am currently eating right now are chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, coconut oil, olive oil.

I'd like to switch to a more alkalizing diet. I'd like to stop eating meat. Anybody please help! Any ideas on a balanced candida diet that is more alkalizing? I'd like to stop eating meat if there are alternatives.

Thank you!!


I agree with you about the lower doses. Especially for chronic long term illness. I have only taken MMS for two months I feel successful in stopping MS symptoms. I didn't really want either the big D or the Big V so I split my doses into 5 and increased the drops slowly. OPINION>I went slowly because of the toxic plaques which I now believe may be located in all our glands, organs, bowels and arteries. I think they need to disolve and the attachment areas need to heal AT THE LOW DOSE. I now am trying to drop back to three or four doses and get more drops each time. Anything to keep those critters off balance. I DO SEE BENEFITS IN KEEPING GOOD LEVELS OF MMS THROUGHOUT THE DAY. I am excited by the rapid success. I am delighted by unexpected improvements. I hoped but some things had been with me so long and deep that I could only hope. I am so thankful to find such a supportive and kind site to share with. Keep up the good work. Surprises, skin, lymph swelling,edema,nails, lungs, spasms, balance, endurance, kidney, bladder weight DROPPED 12 LBS AND NO DIET. I AM EATING MY REGULAR FARE. I DON'T SEEM TO HAVE THE APPETITE I USED TO HAVE BEFORE MMS.


Your treatments are ditto for me however I suffer w/ chronic fatigue syndrome
I believe that the mms is pushing back the infections... I have seen good results in the short time I have taken it.

I have read that viruses are implicated in MS and of course CFS is a multitude of infections, so I think until the primary infections are destroyed we are not going anywhere. Using medical grade ozone was one of the best therapies I ever did, unfortunately circumstances beyond my control prevented me from completing the course. Since chlorine dioxide falls into the same category as ozone as an oxidative therapy I welcome taking my drops. The benefit of Chlorine Dioxide is that it is not quite as oxidizing as ozone or peroxide and apparently has a more selective ability than other oxidative therapies for pathogen destruction.

I have worked on my issue for a very long time, it is my opinion that many chronic diseases are pathogenic based and these show themselves in diverse ways such as MS CFS etc. These pathogens create a environment (by disrupting proper cellular function) that make us dysfunctional. So if we eliminate the offending pathogens we can restore cell function.

In addition to the MMS I do multiple supplements including high Vit C, B complex, E, A/ mineral supplementation // antioxidants // herbals etc etc etc.

day 1 1 drop
day 2 2 drops
day 3 6 drops
day 4 8 drops
day 5 12 drops
day 6 16 drops
day 7 22 drops (big D)

day 8 rest
day 9 rest

day 10 14 drops
day 11 14 drops

I felt MMS was really helping the dizziness and the scalp sores (and painful teeth and receding gums got better when brusing with it) but I stopped taking the oral doses when I hit major nausea at an increased 9 drops after diarrhea for a few days on 8 drops. I did not know not to increase if I was having diarrhea. Lesson learned. As I mentioned, I plan to continue MMS after I go through some cleansing and other things. I will continue to use it for my teeth. ORDER HERE

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